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what is WeedEnder continued…

Who said vegetation control has to be hard work? Don’t believe it!


We have all been there, spending too much time and money keeping guard rails, cable barriers (aka: guard cable or cable rail), signs, pedestals, beautification sites, etc. clear of invasive vegetation growth. The old solutions of trimming and herbicides can be problems in themselves. Not to mention your standard landscaping fabrics which can tear, cause runoff and need to be replaced YEARLY!

On the occasion that vegetation management is needed, WeedEnder® stands above the rest of the products available. WeedEnder® is a landscaping fabric by definition, but it is so much more… constructed of a very dense, multi-directional web of single use post-consumer polyester fibers, it is totally impregnable to sunlight and vegetation.

U-TECK has perfected an innovative alternative for vegetation control with our WeedEnder product line that we have been supplying to the telecom industry and DOTs with excellent results for 20 years.

The WeedEnder products are an environmentally friendly, 100% recycled fiber material. WeedEnder®  is made entirely from recycled polyester consumer single use bottles and is environmentally neutral. This non -vegetative treatment makes great sense when trying to eliminate herbicide use in eco -sensitive areas.

This mat material deprives vegetation of sunlight while allowing water and nutrients to easily pass through to maintain the root system around the mat, minimizing erosion, while controlling growth where it is needed. And the material is so durable trucks have been driven over it without any damage.

There is a wide variety of weed suppression products available on the market today from rubber mats to spray on synthetic concrete but WeedEnder still comes out ahead in product cost, ease of installation, and duration of use. Plus it is 100% safe for our environment. This product even comes with a 20 year warranty!

U-TECK’s WeedEnder® Engineered Vegetation Control System comes from 100% Post-Consumer, Single Use Recycled Plastics, and allows our customers to stop unwanted vegetation for years to come, while being eco-concious. WeedEnder comes in a variety of Rolls, Sheets, and Specific Custom Shapes.

WeedEnder® is water permeable which helps reduce storm water run – off and slows erosion, lessening environmental impact. WeedEnder® is an excellent tool to be integrated into Low Impact Development (LID) projects extending green spaces in urban and developed areas.

Due to its unique makeup, WeedEnder comes with a 20 year warranty! It is designed to be cut, but won’t rip! When (and if) the time comes to remove WeedEnder®, the soil beneath is totally unaffected and vegetation would begin to grow again immediately because WeedEnder® does not affect root stability.

Unlike herbicides, any scrap materials from installation of the WeedEnder® can be disposed of in any dumpster or other conventional method. – No special precautions are needed.

The applications for WeedEnder are… Endless! State Departments of Transportation, Water Pollution Prevention, Municipalities, Utilities, Fire Prevention, Drought Control,  and so much more! See Below for more information!

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U-Teck, 159 Rock Hill Rd, Fayetteville NC 28302