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• Fits Trees of Any Size

• Mowers Can Go Over It

• Growth Rings Allow Resizing

• Easy to Install

• Eco-Friendly

• Protects Trunk from Damage

• Beautifies Landscaped Areas

• Extremely Durable

• Safer Than Metal Grates

Maintenance personnel are busy people. Whether they are employed with a municipality or the maintenance department of a large corporation, they are always on the go and usually seeking ways to cut down on work load. Mowing is made easier and less time-consuming when the TreeMat is in use. No weed-eating is necessary as you can drive mowers right over the TreeMat without damaging it or your mower. As you know, damage to the trunk by mowers or weed eaters can promote bores or insects that over time can kill the plant..

The TreeMat is perfect for busy people who can not spend a lot of time weed-eating or pulling weeds that grow close to the tree. When properly installed, WeedEnder® can end this problem. This patented product has been used by the gas, electric, cable and communications industries for years. Its application to a broader and more sundry need means you have more time now to handle those really difficult areas of responsibility needing attention. The flexibility of WeedEnder® allows us to cut any size or shape needed for any application! You tell us. Our standard is round, but if you require the mat square or rectangular, such as for a cutaway in a sidewalk, we can supply it to you.

The TreeMat, once installed, can be covered with bark, gravel or any other landscaping materials, though not necessary. Some locations want them added strictly for beautification. You no longer have to worry about the backbreaking chore of weed-eating. No weed will grow up through the TreeMat. There is no pulling, trimming or poisons used with WeedEnder®, and it is completely environmentally friendly. Just lay the TreeMat down, drive in the stakes on the sides and leave it to do its work. Growth rings, die cut on the TreeMat, allow you to remove it from the tree trunk as the tree grows without having to remove the entire TreeMat.

The TreeMat, like all WeedEnder® products, does not have to be removed and reinstalled during winter months. It is designed to remain in place until there is a need to move it, if ever. It can not only be used around trees of any size, but around shrubbery and smaller plants, as well. The underlying root systems will not be affected thus alleviating the fear of erosion. The TreeMat discourages evaporation, thereby assisting in keeping the root system moist even in dry times. This unique system allows water and nutrients to pass right through the matting to continuously nourish the tree but deprives the soil of sunlight. As a result, the root systems below the TreeMat will again start producing immediately if the TreeMat or WeedEnder® material is ever moved or reinstalled at another location. AND by using the eco-friendly 100% recycled tree mat in place of costly, poisonous herbicides you are helping to give back to our earth!

This kit includes U-stakes to anchor the TreeMat in place.

12″ TreeMat VPN: SGTM-122212-G
24″ TreeMat VPN: SGTM-122224-G
36″ TreeMat VPN: SGTM-122236-G

Click here to view our TreeMat installation instructions.

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U-Teck, 159 Rock Hill Rd, Fayetteville NC 28302