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Utility Pole Mat



• Fire-Retardant

• Prevents Vegetation Growth

• 20 Year Warranty

• Easy to Maintain

• No Herbicides

• Easily Cut To Fit Any Area

Maintenance crew members have about 87,352 miles of utility lines to cover in order to maintain all non-exempt equipment. Current numbers show that maintenance crews are responsible for inspecting and removing flammable material within a 11 foot radius around approximately 120,000 poles and transmission structures in State Responsibility Areas. And the numbers continue to increase every year as more and more people move to rural areas and new power lines are added to support new communities. That’s a lot of ground to cover!

So, how do you handle the ground level vegetation? Herbicides? Lawn mowers? Weed-whackers? Raking? All of the above? There is an easier way! We’ve created the WeedEnder® Utility Pole Mat, a fire-retardant mat that provides vegetation control within a 10’ radius around the pole. A mat so strong and durable that it carries a 20 year warranty!

WeedEnder® vegetation control matting has been used by the departments of transportation, gas, electric, cable and communications industries for years. Using 100% recycled plastics, our matting is 1/4” thick and is water permeable, and controls vegetation without the use of herbicides!

Best of all, the WeedEnder® Utility Mat does not have to be removed and reinstalled during winter months. It is designed to remain in place until there is a need to move it, if ever. Simply use a blower to remove any loose debris that may be laying on the matting and you’re done
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U-Teck, 159 Rock Hill Rd, Fayetteville NC 28302