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About WeedEnder® for the Home


Whether we like it or not, weeds are part of every landscape, competing with our trees, shrubs, and GARDENS for vital nutrients. Sometimes it seems like it’s a never ending battle trying to keep the weeds at bay. If only there was a solution that actually worked!

What if you could completely CUT OUT the need to weed? I’m sure you are familiar with landscaping fabric. You know the ones – You lay them down each year before you plant your garden, steak it down, wrestle with it for a bit and then cut your holes and plant accordingly. Unfortunately, landscaping fabric can be expensive… and often doesn’t work as anticipated. And you have to pay out to replace it year after year after year after… you get it.

What if there was ONE product that made weeding, herbicides and replacing landscaping fabric EVERY YEAR a thing of the past? What if there was ONE product that was guaranteed to last for TWENTY YEARS without needing to be replaced?

Still not good enough for you, huh? Well what if I added that it was made from 100% recycled materials, had been approved for DOT and Utility use along roadsides and waterways, and is available for YOU?!

Get ready to nip your garden woes in the bud because we have a solution for you! And YES it delivers on all of the promises above! WeedEnder has perfected an innovative alternative for vegetation control with a product line that we have been supplying to the telecom industry and DOTs with excellent results for 20 years.

WeedEnder is a landscaping fabric by definition, but it is so much more… constructed of a dense, multi-directional web of single use post-consumer polyester fibers, it is totally impregnable to sunlight and vegetation. AKA it’s made of really thick recycled materials so sun and weeds cant get through.

WeedEnder acts as a physical barrier between the soil and the sun, and prevents those pesky weeds from seeing the light of day, while still allowing air and water to penetrate to the roots of the plants you do want.

WeedEnder is designed to let air and water through, thus conserving your soil's moisture and preserving its value, unlike traditional landscaping fabrics which can impact and ruin your soil health.

“What Makes WeedEnder Different”

  1. WeedEnder is made from 100% recycled plastics.
  2. WeedEnder is guaranteed for life!
  3. WeedEnder is ¼” thick.
  4. WeedEnder is made by a unique method that makes it almost impossible to rip.
  5. WeedEnder's unique design allows water to pass through to the plant root.
  6. By using the garden plot made of WeedEnder, it is impossible to retain too much water around the roots.
  7. WeedEnder Plots and Runners are designed with holes cut at even spacing to match spacing required for different types of plants. You simply plant your plants or seeds in these holes.
  8. WeedEnder's density will not allow sunlight to penetrate and promote weed growth. The part of the plant coming out of the hole is the only one needing sunlight.
  9. WeedEnder keeps the soil warmer thereby allowing you to start your garden earlier and keeping it productive longer.
  10. You can easily reach the plants from the sides of the Garden Plot.

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U-Teck, 159 Rock Hill Rd, Fayetteville NC 28302