WeedEnder® SignMat Triple Post



• Controls Unwanted Vegetation
• Reduces Runoff
• Cost-effective
• Maintenance-free
• No Herbicides or Poisons
• Helps Control Erosion
• Easy to Install
• Long-lasting
• Environmentally Safe

Triple-post signs, such as exit markers and logo boards, require this style of WeedEnder® SignMat to control unwanted vegetation around them in an environmentally safe manner. Unlike using asphalt, concrete, or other nonporous weed-control methods, SignMat controls vegetation without adding to your runoff problems. The SignMat material allows water and nutrients to seep through, keeping the root system beneath it alive and effectively controlling erosion around the sign. And, SignMat can be moved if the sign is moved because the WeedEnder® material is portable and reusable.

Vegetation growth around and under signs virtually stops after installing WeedEnder® SignMat. No more return visits by the mower crew with weedeaters, herbicides or poisons, and when mowing they can proceed by at their normal speed without stopping. SignMat not only protects the sign from accidental damage from mowers; it also provides an ideal route to developing a neat and manicured site conducive to positive visual appreciation.

WeedEnder® SignMat allows the signs to be read without vegetation obstruction or question, protecting both the reader and the responsible authority or municipality. U-TECK offers SignMat in a variety of sizes and shapes, and custom profiles can be made to meet specific requirements.

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