WeedEnder® Staples



• Stainless Steel
• Corrosion-resistant
• Easy to Attach
• Superior Strength
• Will Not Bleed

These staples are used to attach footprints to and make seams in the WeedEnder® material, and to join two rolls together. When making seams or joining rolls, place one staple every 4"; when attaching footprints, place one staple on each side of the footprint horizontal to the post.

Made of 316 stainless steel, these staples provide maximum corrosion resistance in this demanding application. They are specially designed to the correct length and size to work with the WeedEnder® material and in either the manual or pneumatic staple gun. These staples have been developed with broad, flat wire to offer greater holding power to the WeedEnder® material. These quality wide-crown staples are unaffected by dirt, temperature and humidity, and their superior strength ensures their longevity. Sharpened to chisel points, these staples can pass through the WeedEnder® material without tearing.

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