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Quick-Hook Stake Driver



• Reduces Installation Time
• Doubles as Stake Spacing Measuring Tool
• Can Be Used in a Variety of Soil Conditions
• Reduces Labor Required for Installation

We know your time is money so we are constantly searching for new ways to help you, our customer, perform your jobs more quickly and efficiently without cutting corners on quality or product safety. We have come up with a faster way to insert the WeedEnder Hook Stakes by creating a custom-made, pneumatic powered tool specifically for this purpose. Introducing the NEW! Quick-Hook Stake Driver!

The Quick-Hook Stake Driver provides pneumatic driving of our custom WeedEnder Hook Stakes to minimize the time required to drive the Hook Stakes into the ground and through the WeedEnder mat by hand. This is especially effective if you are installing miles of WeedEnder under new or e xisting guardrail. With our Quick-Hook Stake Driver you have just the right amount of driving power you need, every installation.

Constructed of 16 gauge steel, the Quick-Hook Stake Driver features a ¾” driving rod made of hardened cold roll steel and is machined to fit any standard air hammer. Two nylon bushings ensure a smooth glide. A light push down while squeezing the trigger on the air hammer is all you need to activate the driver. Once the stake has been fully inserted simply release the air hammer trigger and pull it back up to the original starting position and a new Hook Stake will automatically index into the ready position. The driver holds a maximum of one cartridge (30 Hook Stakes) at a time. (Standard, loose stakes may not be used in the stake driver, only stakes in cartridge form).

A great bonus feature of the driver is the ability to use it as a device to measure the spacing between stakes. The width of the tool, from the left edge to the stake insertion point on the right, is exactly 18 inches, the correct spacing required for Hook Stake installation, ensuring you don't use more stakes than you have to by “eyeballing” the distance.

To view the Quick-Hook Stake Driver Instruction Manual click here.

Hook-Stake Driver Cartridges
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