WeedEnder® Pneumatic Staple Gun



• Maneuverable Design
• High-speed and Efficient
• Spring-loaded “Floating” Magazine
• Fast-cycling for Quicker Installations
• Open Trigger Cavity
• Automatic Return of Anvils
• One-piece Staple Magazine/Pusher
• Independent Staple Clinch Control
• Independent Staple Penetration Adjustment

The Pneumatic Staple Gun is the most suitable machine when high speed and efficiency are required. Its unique design combination of trigger valve, casting body, and piston diameter enables our tool to be one of the fastest-cycling tools on the market today. We believe that is important to users who need the decreased installation times required on today’s jobsites.

The Pneumatic Staple Gun’s open trigger cavity permits single- or multi-finger operation, making the tool more ergonomically acceptable and reducing operator fatigue to a minimum. The return of its anvils is automatic, and it is possible to adjust the clinching of the staple as well as its penetration. Additionally, its handy and maneuverable design features one-handed operation, ease of use in any awkward position, and easy reloading of standard WeedEnder® stick staples.

The Staple Gun is a lightweight, well-balanced tool with these convenience features: One-piece Staple Magazine/Pusher, permitting fast reloading without removal of the pusher; Spring-loaded "Floating" Magazine, which eliminates staple jams; Independent Staple Clinch Control, to tailor the tightness of the staple leg clinch to your exact needs; and Independent Staple Penetration Adjustment, which controls the depth of staple penetration.

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