WeedEnder® Pneumatic Caulking Gun



• Standard 10.3 oz. Tube
• Piston Rod Action on Tube Plunger
• Drawn Aluminum Barrel
• True Adjustable Air Regulator—100 PSI Max.
• Instant Dump Valve
• Quick-release End Cap
• Barrel Dismantles for Easy Cleaning
• All Component Replaceable Parts
• Rotating Air Hose Connector Included

The Single Component Pneumatic Caulking Gun from U-TECK extrudes the WeedEnder® sealing adhesive in a faster, smoother, and more consistent stream than manual guns for quality workmanship. It’s characterised by strong, quality construction, which ensures reliability and results in a longer working life and years of trouble-free use.

The Pneumatic Caulking Gun quickly delivers the contents of the standard 10.3 oz. adhesive tube to the area to be sealed or to the material to be joined, and its ergonomic design and quiet operation provide comfort and minimal operator fatigue, making it a state-of-the-art tool for the professional user.

The Caulking Gun comes equipped with these comfort and convenience features: Drawn Aluminum Barrel, which provides comfortable operation due to its lightweight, balanced design; 100 PSI True Adjustable Air Regulator, which controls the speed, or flow, of the material being dispensed; Instant Dump Valve, which releases all air pressure to prevent dripping, or “run-on”; and Quick Release End Cap, which reduces cartridge replacement time, thus increasing user efficiency.

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