WeedEnder® Manual Staple Gun



• Lightweight
• Jam-free Design
• High-capacity
• Built-in Handle

This lightweight, well-balanced tool features a one-piece staple magazine and pusher, permitting fast reloading without removal of the pusher; a spring-loaded “floating” magazine, which eliminates staple jams; an independent staple clinch control to tailor the tightness of the staple leg clinch to your exact needs; and an independent staple penetration adjustment, which controls the depth of staple penetration through the WeedEnder® material. The built-in handle permits easy carrying and ensures consistent and reliable hand stapling. This economical hand-operated tool uses preformed stick staples and is ideal for use where compressed air is not available.

Heavy-duty and field-adjustable, this staple gun is designed to work with WeedEnder® stainless steel staples and is capable of placing them through two thicknesses of WeedEnder® material.

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