Small I-Beam Post Footprint
Standard I-Beam Post Footprint
Medium Wooden Post Footprint

Mini Footprint


WeedEnder® Footprints

Colors: Light Green and Asphalt



• Controls Unwanted Vegetation
• Reduces Runoff
• Cost-effective
• Maintenance-free
• No Herbicides or Poisons
• Helps Control Erosion
• Easy to Install
• Long-lasting
• Environmentally Safe
• Available in Light Green and Asphalt Colors

These footprints are constructed of the same material as the WeedEnder®. They are designed to control the growth of unwanted vegetation in an environmentally safe manner. This is accomplished without adding to your runoff problems, as would be the case when using asphalt, concrete, or other nonporous weed-control methods.

When the WeedEnder® guardrail roll is pre-punched, or if you cut the hole for the guardrail post on the jobsite, the punched-out area will be slightly larger than the post itself. This is by design to facilitate installation by making the WeedEnder roll easier to fit around the guardrail post and adjust properly. The footprint is cut to the exact size and shape of the guardrail post being used and acts to cover the hole once the WeedEnder® roll is in place. When properly installed—by attaching the footprint to the guardrail roll using WeedEnder® Adhesive/Caulk and WeedEnder Staples—the footprint blocks any sunlight from penetrating next to the guardrail post and prevents any vegetation from growing up around the post. U-TECK has a footprint to match any guardrail post profile and, if needed, will custom cut a footprint to your specific requirements.

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