WeedEnder® Fence Barrier



• Controls Unwanted Vegetation
• Reduces Runoff
• Cost-effective
• Maintenance-free
• No Herbicides or Poisons
• Helps Control Erosion
• Easy to Install
• Long-lasting
• Environmentally Safe

WeedEnder® Fence Barrier is designed to control the growth of unwanted vegetation in an environmentally safe manner. This is accomplished without adding to your runoff problems, as would be the case when using asphalt, concrete, or other nonporous weed-control methods.

These rolls are perfect to run underneath new or existing chain link fences, electric fences, or even decorative wooden fences. The rolls have punch-outs, and for existing fencing, they also can be slit from the center of the punch-out to one side. This enables you to open a roll at each fence post and slide WeedEnder around the post. The punch-out in these rolls is slightly larger than the actual size of your fence post and centered in the width unless otherwise specified. And although post spacing varies by type of fence or terrain, we can accommodate any consistent spacing, or you can cut the holes for the fence posts during installation.

The rolls are available in different lengths and widths. The standard width is 2'; the standard length is 250'. This length may vary because of the millrun when the material is originally made. Each roll will be clearly marked with the exact footage, and your order will total the correct length. You may also order odd-size lengths to fit specific needs. Also, these rolls may be joined together for longer lengths.

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