WeedEnder® SignMat Double Post



• Controls Unwanted Vegetation
• Reduces Runoff
• Cost-effective
• Maintenance-free
• No Herbicides or Poisons
• Helps Control Erosion
• Easy to Install
• Long-lasting
• Environmentally Safe

This style of WeedEnder® SignMat is an environmentally safe way to control unwanted vegetation around double-post signs, such as those displaying speed limit or highway name. SignMat’s advanced design allows water and nutrients to seep through to keep the root system beneath it alive to control erosion around the sign. And, because the WeedEnder® material is reusable, if the sign is moved, the SignMat can move with it. All of this is accomplished without increasing your runoff problems, which would be the case if nonporous weed-control methods such as asphalt or concrete were used.

Vegetation growth around and under signs is virtually stopped with WeedEnder® SignMat. This enables the mower crew to proceed by at its normal speed with no stops required—and no return visits with weedeaters, herbicides or poisons. SignMat protects the sign from accidental damage from mowers, in addition to providing an ideal avenue to creating a neat and manicured site conducive to positive visual appreciation.

WeedEnder® SignMat enhances the signs so they can be read easily and without question, which protects both the reader and the responsible authority or municipality. SignMat is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to your specific needs.

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