WeedEnder® Adhesive Caulk




• Excellent Adhesion
• Easy to Apply
• Fast-setting
• Moisture-resistant
• Environmentally Safe
• Strong, Durable Bond
• Remains Flexible
• Won’t Crack
• Available in Light Green and Asphalt Colors

This product is a one-part, neutral curing, medium modulus adhesive/caulk, specially formulated for primerless adhesion to the WeedEnder material and the metal or wooden guardrail post. This adhesive/caulk is supplied ready-to-use. Under pressure it flows readily from its container, and it cures to provide excellent resistance to cold, rain, ozone, heat and sunlight. The adhesive/caulk color is light green to closely match the U-TECK WeedEnder® material.

Used for footprints, seams and cuts for adjustments in WeedEnder®. This prevents weeds from growing in seams and around posts of all types.

Usage Notes: Do Not substitute adhesive/caulk nor apply it to wet or damp surfaces as this product is specially formulated to adhere to the WeedEnder material and to be applied in dry conditions.

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