The WeedEnder® Story

U-TECK has developed a new system to correct an old problem. The WeedEnder®, a total system to control unwanted vegetation growth along guardrails, cable barriers (aka: guard cable or cable rail), road signs and beautification sites. It accomplishes this without the need for dangerous herbicides or the aggravation of trimming with weed eaters. Both of these require repeated, expensive visits. With the WeedEnder®, in most cases, you install it and forget about it for years.

Not to be confused with landscape fabrics, the WeedEnder® is so rugged and strong you can even drive trucks over it repeatedly without damage. Some companies call it flexible concrete, because as tough as it is, you can roll it up if needed, make area repairs or changes, then roll it back into position without damage.

The WeedEnder® dramatically increases visibility along your guardrails, cable barriers, beautification sites, billboards, exit ramp signs, speed limit signs, etc. The elimination of these unsightly, overgrown weeds is great for your public relations as it enhances appearance, and with this clear zone provided by WeedEnder®, mowing operations are easier and less time consuming as well. Should guardrail posts or cable barriers ever be damaged by accident, U-TECK's WeedEnder® can be easily and effectively repaired for ongoing use.

U-TECK, like you, is concerned with protecting our environment. The WeedEnder®, with its patented construction, provides for weed control without using poisons or dangerous herbicides that might seep into our water systems through normal runoff. The WeedEnder® controls unwanted vegetation by depriving the root system of sunlight, which it needs to grow, but does allow water and nutrients to filter through. This will prevent erosion by keeping the root system alive. If WeedEnder® ever needs to be removed, the intact root system will immediately began to refurbish the site.

Cost-effective? You can realize a payback in man-hours and equipment usage within 12 to 18 months for a system that can keep on working for 15 years or more. The WeedEnder® requires virtually no maintenance. Consider it an investment.


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