The TreeMat gives your yard a cleaner look with a permanent edge around trees, mail boxes and poles. You'll never need to spray, weed, rake or add mulch. Created of 100% recycled material, the TreeMat lets in water, air and nutrients while completely suppressing weeds. You can even run the lawnmower right over the edge of the mat without harming it.

The TreeMat has perforated growth rings spaced every 2 in. that allows you to cut the mat as the tree grows.

This kit includes U-stakes to anchor the TreeMat in place.

12" TreeMat VPN: SGTM-122212-G
24" TreeMat VPN: SGTM-122224-G
36" TreeMat VPN: SGTM-122236-G

For more information, please contact customer service at (800) 542-7011

Click here to view our TreeMat installation instructions.

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