Figure 1 - Removing the center of the TreeMat to accomodate the tree.    


Figure 2 - Cut perforated seam so that the TreeMat may be placed around the tree.        

Figure 3 - Closing the TreeMat seam.


TreeMat Assembly
This kit contains:

Materials/Tools Required
Box Cutter (not supplied)
Hammer (not supplied)
Nail or Phillips Head Sctrewdriver (not supplied)

1. Before installing your TreeMat, you must first carefully cut any grass or weeds to ground level in a large enough area to accommodate the size mat you are installing.

2. Measure the diameter of the tree at the base and cut out material starting from the center portion of the TreeMat that closely matches the trunk diameter of the tree (Figure 1). This is best accomplished using a sharp razor knife. Move up to the next size if the diameters aren't exact. The tree will eventually grow to fit more snuggly.

3. Next, cut the perforated line that extends out to the outer edge of the material so that the TreeMat can be placed around the base of the tree (Figure 2).

4. Secure the slit by placing one U-stake on either end of the slit (one at base of tree, one at outer edge of TreeMat) so it will hold material in position. This can be done by creating a pilot hole with a nail or phillips head screwdriver and then gently hammering the U-stakes through the hole, one side of the stake at a time (so as not to bend the stakes). Once these two stakes are in place, place U-stakes approximately every 4 inches across entire length of the seam (Figure 3).

5. Tack down the TreeMat outer edges by gently hammering U-stakes through the predrilled pilot holes in the material. Make sure that each stake is hammered completely down to the mat to allow mowers to smoothly pass over them.

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